Hotel Helya Beach & Spa within its modern Spa Center,  applying the newest techniques, offers you different types of treatments:

  • Humid therapy: Effusion massage, Jet shower, Sea weed wrapping, Hammam “steam room”, Saunas
  • Dry therapy : Relax and tonic massage cabins, Specific massage cabins, Cellu M6
  • Specific theray
  • Aesthetic therapy: Aesthetic therapy, classical & specific skin care, Pedicure Manicure cabin


Moreover, we offer different packages and Cures:

  • Classical Wellness Cure
  • Anti-stress Cure
  • Slim Cure
  • Anti-age Beauty Cure
  • Back Special Cure
  • Anti-rheumatic Cure
  • Heavy-Legs Cure
  • Oriental Cure
  • Quit-Smoking Cure